May 29, 2024

(Good Things Utah) When we’re under legal distress, the last thing we need is to spend hours of research finding the right lawyer for our cause. Helping make that process easier for those living in this state, the Utah State Bar is a trusted way for residents to find the help they need from a pro bono lawyer.

Using the Utah State Bar website, visitors can search for lawyers available by geographic location, practice area, and fee rate. More than 3,000 Utah attorneys are listed on the site, with links to web pages, social media accounts, and biographies. Visitors will find links to free and low-cost legal services, so they needn’t worry about price shopping and can focus on their preferred attorney instead.

As there are fewer practices currently in business and open to the public, the Utah State Bar also encourages the next generation of lawyers to make the move and begin their education.

According to Nancy Sylvester with Utah State Bar: “Access to justice issues in Utah — and across the nation — are absolutely huge… We need people who are interested in the law to get involved in becoming lawyers.”

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