February 21, 2024

While we have hardly returned to an era of precedented times, the year 2022 has seen a dramatic increase of returns to the office and holding in-person events with larger groups of people. After two years of interacting with only our immediate family, close friends and pets, it can seem daunting to face interaction with co-workers and colleagues at bar association meetings, networking events or even happy hours and lunches. Below are some ideas to help ease you back into the world of networking and development in this new era.

In-Person Event Success

The most important step to be taken to successfully return to networking in person is to simply show up. Adding a calendar entry for social events, no matter how informal, can serve as a reminder to set aside time and to mentally prepare. This allows you to plan your day in advance, dress appropriately for the occasion, and grab a snack in advance if there will be cocktails without food, for example. Just prior to the event, touch base with yourself and decide what goals you would like to accomplish at the event. If there is an individual you are looking to connect with, Google pictures of them and refresh your knowledge of their credentials. Maybe you will learn an interesting tidbit from their life that you can weave into the conversation.

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