May 29, 2024

Donald Trump‘s attorney has revealed that he and Trump family members watched nearly the entire FBI search of Mar-a-Lago on surveillance cameras, further dashing the former president’s claims that agents likely “planted” any evidence that was taken.

“The folks in New York — President Trump and his family — probably had a better view than I did. Because they had the CCTV, they were able to watch,” the former president’s attorney Christina Bobb said in an interview on Real America’s Voice on Thursday.

The Trump family was “actually able to see the whole thing,” she said. “They actually have a better idea of ​​what took place inside.”

Trump was in Manhattan on Monday when FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago. Bobb was on the scene at the resort in Florida but said she spent much of the time in a Mar-a-Lago parking lot to “collect paper and answer questions” from investigators.

Eric Trump told The Daily Mail in an article Wednesday that he watched the search via surveillance cameras.

FBI agents removed 20 boxes of documents, including 11 sets of classified informationfrom Mar-a-Lago on Monday, according to the warrant and property receipt used by the FBI to conduct the search of Trump’s Florida residence.

Some of the classified information was top secret and designated to remain only in a secure government facility. Sources told The Washington Post in a report Thursday that some of the classified documents were believed to be related to nuclear weapons, which was a key reason for the urgency of the search.

The warrant indicated that Trump is under investigation for a possible violation of the Espionage Act, obstruction of justice, and removing and destroying official documents.

Bobb said agents at Mar-a-Lago initially asked the staff to turn off the surveillance cameras, reportedly citing agent safety. But the lawyers quickly ordered them switched back on.

“The cameras were only off for a very short period of time,” Bobb said.

Trump has repeatedly claimed on Truth Social that the FBI likely “planted” damaging evidence at Mar-a-Lago. It’s an accusation that has been widely picked up by his followers, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

Trump has never mentioned on his social media platform that agents were in view of surveillance cameras throughout most of the search and were being watched by him and family members, according to his own attorney. He has insisted there were “no witnesses” to the search.

“Planting information anyone?” Trump sarcastically wrote in a recent Truth Social post.

Trump indicates again on Truth Social that the FBI

Trump indicates again on Truth Social that the FBI

Trump indicates again on Truth Social that the FBI “planted” evidence. (Photo: Screen Shot./Truth Social/.Donald Trump)

Bobb said of the FBI in an interview earlier this week that there was “no security” to prevent the FBI from planting evidence. But she quickly added: “I’m not saying that’s what they did.”

Bobb also noted: “I don’t necessarily think that they would even go to the extent of trying to plant information.”

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