February 24, 2024

A poll by Go.Compare Travel Insurance has found that British holidaymakers will be choosing budget breaks in 2023, due to rising costs.

Twenty-two per cent said they will spend less on a holiday next year and 12 per cent will search for cheaper destinations. A fifth will also reduce the number of getaways they take, as consumers try to save money.

Only one per cent said they will go to a more expensive destination, spend more on a break or take more trips than usual, further showing that Brits don’t want to spend lots on their holidays in 2023. This is further proved by 57 per cent saying if the cost of a holiday increases, this would impact their current travel plans.

Another trend noticed in this poll is that UK holidaymakers are booking more short stays. In 2022, only eight per cent of Brits were holidaying like this, but this will more than triple by 2023 to 29 per cent. These shorter holidays could be a way for consumers to keep costs down.

Staycations, or holidaying at home, were popular in 2022 due to ongoing uncertainty because of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet more people are expected to take a break at home in 2023. Seventeen-per-cent say they will take a staycation because of the cost of living crisis, and 18 per cent said airport challenges of last year were their reason.

Holiday hopes have grown

Despite the challenges the travel industry faced in 2022, like airport delays, flight cancellations and staff shortages, this has not deterred British holidaymakers.

There are more people looking at booking trips for next year than there were in 2022. Plans for beach and city breaks have increased, rising four per cent and nine per cent respectively.

While people are expected to change their holiday plans, 39 per cent say last year’s airport staff shortages won’t impact their holiday in 2023. Also, 41 per cent don’t believe their plans will be impacted by the cost of living crisis.

Ceri McMillan, Travel Expert at Go.Compare, said: “While it’s great to see that lots of us are still looking to go on holiday in 2023, the cost of living crisis has clearly impacted travel plans for some households.

“It looks like shopping around for deals will become even more of a priority for holidaymakers next year, thanks to the impact of rising costs. Travellers will be searching for more flexibility around the duration of their breaks, as well as the price, as the demand for cheaper holiday destinations increases.

“Meanwhile, because of issues that curtailed many getaways this year, consumers may seek out trusted brands when searching for their next holiday. This could mean more travellers looking for package deals that provide extra security. Plus, the industry could see a boom in last-minute breaks in 2023 due to the huge uncertainty that remains around travelling and its cost.”

This poll follows an ABTA report that said Brits are still keen to travel, despite cost of living crisis.

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